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I am happy introduce our Enterprise Messaging System to you, It's included everything you need

1. Bulk SMS outgoing only via Web interface - You need only create and send or schedule your   campaign

2. SMPP or API via Internet - Easy integration with your existing systems billing system or client management system 

3. All in one solution with outgoing and incoming with  long code - You can manage it with web interface no system integration 

Masking Bulk SMS
Voice SMS
SMS Voting System
Feedback Messaging
Promotion SMS
Information on Demand
Long Codes SMS
Email Marketing

 01. Bulk SMS outgoing only

System Setup Fee  -  Rs. 5000.00
SMS Price Rs. 1.00                     
Monthly Rental Rs:0000
Dynamic Sender Id*Alfa Numeric
Extra Sender Id  : Rs:2000.00
Outgoing only
Support Sri Lanka All Mobile Network

2. Bulk SMS  Incoming - Dedicated Long Code

System Setup Fee  -  Rs. 5000.00
Monthly Rental Rs. 2000.00
Incoming Free
Outgoing  01 SMS = Rs:1.00
Incoming / outgoing
Unlimited Keywords
Dedicated Long Code for Inbox SMS
Support Only Sri Lanka All Mobile & CDMA Network

Key Feature  

1,Bulk SMS
2,Email SMS
3,Sales Force Automation
4,Fleet management
5,Template Messages
6,Information on Demand Service
7,Feedback Massaging

* Alphanumeric – Here you can have you own branding where the number can be changed   to any name. (11 characters)

* Inbox Keyword – This is only for incoming SMS.
*  Basic – Incoming and outgoing facility.

 03. Bulk SMS outgoing only

System Setup Fee  -  Rs. 0000
SMS Price Rs. 0.50                     
Monthly Rental Rs:0000
Sender Id* Numeric Only
Outgoing  & Incoming
Support Sri Lanka All Mobile Network


8000000  Mobile Number
Town ( Colombo Only)
Business  (42)

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